Investment Strategies Program - Rules

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Rules of Play

  • Teams are given $100,000 of game money on the first day of the simulation.
  • Teams may borrow an additional $50,000 of game money, which will automatically be applied to the account, if needed.
  • Teams can trade common stock on the NYSE, NASDAQ and TSX. Some stocks have been blocked from purchase if they are deemed inappropriate for a youth audience.
  • Teams can buy stocks that are trading at $2.00 or greater.
  • Teams are not permitted to trade the same stock more than 3 times in the same day.
  • Teams have to wait at least one hour to sell stocks that they just purchased.
  • Each day as a liquidity provision, each team is permitted to purchase up to 20% of the currently daily volume or $10,000 worth of the stock (whichever is higher) minus the total dollar amount of this stock they already purchased this day. (e.g. I want to buy $50,000 of ABC. The current amount of ABC stock that has been traded today (the daily volume) is $100,000. 20% of $100,000 is $20,000. So we are allowed to buy $20,000 or $10,000, whichever is higher. That means we can buy up to $20,000 right now.
  • Teams may trade during market open:

    6:35am - 1:00pm PT / 9:35am - 4:00pm ET

  • A management fee of $25 is charged for every trade.
  • Cash balances earn approximately 2.5% interest and deficits are charged approximately 8% interest.
  • For stocks which pay dividends, our simulation cannot pay out dividends.
  • Once a team selects YES to the trade on the confirmation screen, the transaction cannot be reversed or revised.
  • Teams must disclose any unfair advantage in the simulation (i.e., a bug in the game) or this team may be disqualified.
  • Any team caught cheating or trying to hack the system will be immediately disqualified. The game designer may pursue legal action against hackers.
  • Students must be registered in a class that is currently offering ISP to participate in the simulation.
  • Teams are to report any problems with their accounts (including any password concerns) immediately to .
  • The CHAMPION is the team with the top-performing portfolio as of market close, on the last day of trading.
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